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Finland comes as a big surprise when it come to the Nordic countries. It has more trees than people and more islands than any other country in the world. Finland is characterised by endless kilometers of wilderness, 188000 lakes, moderate climate, renovated palaces and industrial areas, gorgeous boulevards and monuments, fascinating restaurants and wonderful coffee shops, gothic cathedrals, magnificent monasteries and old museums presenting the country’s rich cultural heritage. Being one of the most visited destinations in Scandinavia, Finland invites travellers from all around the world to explore its majestic attractions and spend an unforgettable vacation. Have you ever considered swimming in frozen water? It is a sport in Finland and it’s considered to be extremely healthy because it improves the blood circulation in your body, easies the symptoms of arthritis and simply makes you feel happy and satisfied. Nevertheless, a strong competing spirit is also present when we talk about swimming in frozen water. During the entire year and all around the country, numerous competitions are organized where women and men between 20 and 60 years of age compete in swimming 25 meters in frozen water. Finland is also known for its sauna culture, there are 1.6 million saunas in Finland. Around 10% of the territory is covered by water, while 69% is covered by forests. Finland boasts with 35 national parks covering an area of around eight thousand square kilometers where you can watch birds, reindeers, bears, do hiking and many other activities. The capital city of Finland is Helsinki and the official currency is the euro.

The main tourist season in Finland lasts from the beginning of June until the end of August. During this period all the attractions are open, steamboats and ferries are sailing on the lakes and rivers and many festivals take place as well in the summer season. The nights are long and bright and it seems as if the entire country is not sleeping at all. If you want to visit Laponia on the north, you can go in October or February/March and see the northern light.  Laponia is known as the official home of Santa Clause.

In Laponia you can visit Santapark and meet Santa in person. This part of Finland also has numerous beautiful lakes and rivers, the inhabitants are scarce, but very hospitable and charming.

Oulu is one of the most beautiful Finnish cities. The center of the town is settled on several islands which are connected to each other with a series of pedestrian bridges. This makes Oulu ideal for cycling and it boasts with a large network of cycling roads, one of the best in Europe.

Turku is the oldest and most fascinating medieval cities in Finland. Turku is 750 years old and it used to be the capital of the country. The castle was completely renovated recently and it dates back to the 13th century. It houses a viking museum today. Turku also boats with the most impressive gorhic cathedral in the entire Finland.


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