A One-of-a-Kind Tour Leaves You With Lasting Memories

Marijuana laws in Finland aren’t quite as slack as they are in some other countries, but the Finnish government has taken steps in recent years to relax some areas of their cannabis policies. However Finns are also quite famous for going to one of a kind tours to Canada.

For years Canadians have agreed that cannabis use shouldn’t be a criminal offense. Now, that majority that was hopeful for marijuana reform has gotten their wish, thanks to a 2017 legalization of the substance for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

If you’re in the ‘cool’ crowd, you probably smoke marijuana. It seems that most people indulge in the herb, relaxing their mind and enhancing their creativity, enjoying life to the fullest, and alleviating aches, pains, and other health ailments that, at one time, interfered with their life. There’s many areas throughout Canada’s various provinces that are dedicated to marijuana. Toronto and Montreal are two hot spots for tokers who can never deny their love for the bud.

Now that marijuana is available for legal purchase, you can go into a local dispensary, view the strains, and choose your favorite to take home. Marijuana purchases are also available online for those throughout the country. Plus, marijuana sampling tours are now available. You’ve probably been on several tours in your lifetime, but what’s certain is that you’ve never been on a tour like this before.

What is a Marijuana Sampling Tour?

Marijuana sampling tours provide tokers and others with an interest in marijuana opportunity to experience one of Canada’s top cultivation centers up-close-and personal. During the tour, you’ll see marijuana in various stages of growth as the knowledgeable guide details exactly what you are seeing. You’ll learn information about growing and cultivating marijuana, the plants, different strains, and so much more. Plus, there’s always time to snap a great photo or two and you can ask questions as you desire. The grand finale of the tour is what you’ve all been waiting for -a nice little toke. What better way to accustom yourself to the newfound marijuana industry than by experiencing some of the top Green Panther, Canada’s leading online marijuana dispensary strains being sold today? Yes, marijuana sampling tours oftentimes include a nice token of a few favorite strains. You’ll go home eager to tell everyone about the happiest tour on earth!

Who Should Take a Tour?

Anyone with an interest in marijuana is the perfect person to take a marijuana sampling tour. This includes smokers and tokers, marijuana medical patients, those with an interest in entering the industry themselves, people eager to learn more about marijuana, and even those who oppose marijuana legalization. There’s so much to learn during a tour that anyone can benefit as well as have a good time. If you’re of legal consumption age (19 in Canada) you can enjoy a tour.

Why Take a Marijuana Sampling Tour?

If you’re a 420-fan, this tour is a must! Your marijuana sampling tour gives you insight into the industry and it creates a far more personalized experience that makes smoking something you are even more eager to do.

Marijuana legalization is still new in Canada, and there’s a lot to learn and experience. This tour makes it easy to adapt without the same jitters that are oftentimes around when doing something for the very first time.

You’ll feel as if you’ve gathered with friends in the basement for a toke session during your tour as you share this experience with like-minded tokers eager to learn all they can about the industry. That’s how it should be any time that marijuana is involved. That’s why marijuana has become so popular. It’s about friends, love, and peace, and being yourself. Your tour is always safe, secure, and made to exceed your expectations.

When to Take a Marijuana Tour

Daily tours provide the perfect opportunity to take your marijuana sampling tour whenever the time is right for you. If you’re sitting around the house bored one day, why not schedule a tour and have a little 420 fun? You can celebrate a special event with a tour, learning everything you could possibly want or need to know about marijuana. Birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation parties are always special when marijuana is involved. You can celebrate any event with marijuana sampling tours. Of course, no special occasion is needed to go on a tour. If you are a marijuana enthusiast that is excited that marijuana is now available legally or someone interested in learning more these tours provide exactly what you want and need.

A Few Fun Marijuana Facts

To ensure that you’re hype for your marijuana sampling tour, here’s a few marijuana facts that you might want to know.

  • Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD marijuana is available. Sativa strains energize you while indica strains get you ready for a lazy day on the sofa. Hybrids are a mixture of the two strains and usually dominate to one side. CBD is used for medical treatment, but many people say they enjoy smoking these strains just as well as the THC strains.
  • Canada laws first legalized medicinal marijuana only
  • Research proves that marijuana kills cancer cells in mice, although further research is necessary to determine its benefit on human cancer cells.
  • Research proves that marijuana enhances one’s creativity and thinking ability. Many writers and others say they indulge in marijuana before writing papers and books.
  • A cannabis plant can grow to be up to 18-foot tall!
  • Bob Marley was buried with marijuana, along with his Bible and his guitar
  • Do you want a Bhang? If you love marijuana, the answer is yes! This Indian milkshake is made with marijuana as the main ingredient.
  • More than 158.8 million people across the world use marijuana at least on an occasional basis.

Take a Tour Today

The legalization of marijuana has been a long time in the making, considering the substance has been illegal in Canada since 1923. It is a time in history that any smoker should celebrate to the fullest, and there’s no better way to do that than with an exciting marijuana sampling tour. It is time that you experienced marijuana like you never have before. It is an incredible experience that you are not soon to forget.


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