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Finland: The safest tourist destination in the world

Finland can be proud – in addition to marking 100 years of independence, the World Economic Forum declared it the world’s safest country in 2017.

“Finland remains the safest destination in the world, despite the fact that Europe fears terrorism,” the report says.

The survey compiled data on 136 countries and the conditions governing tourists.

In addition to safety, the survey also examined how much of the country is open to tourism, what is the state of the infrastructure, the state of the environment and how much are the prices of the stay.

For many, this choice is no surprise. Finland is, however, a traditional country whose people are perceived as friendly and relaxed. It also takes care of the environment and the living standards of its citizens.

When it comes to destinations outside Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Hong Kong and Singapore are the safest.